Gembloux.Beer logo is a university brewery located on the campus of Gembloux Agro-Bio Tech which combines the discovery of a quality production, a place of relaxation and a source of knowledge.

The connection between Gembloux Agro-Bio Tech faculty and the world of beer is no recent affair, as far back as 1980, students from the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences in Gembloux crafted the Bière de l'Abbaye de Gembloux (Gembloux Abbey Beer). For almost 40 years, this beer was brewed outside the territory of Gembloux.

The following years brought changes: the Faculty of Agronomic Sciences of Gembloux is now called Gembloux Agro-Bio Tech and the idea of brewing Gembloux Abbey Beer in Gembloux became a project. Thus,in 2019 S.A. was born with the ambitious vision of renovating a former laboratory on the campus of the Faculty into a brewery that could serve as a place of relaxation, production and research.

Within the framework of these renovations,Architects Desmedt Purnelle has added a wooden extension to the existing laboratory, all in respect of the ecological and sustainable interest of the materials. The companyChimsco, specialized in wood construction, was then in charge of the implementation of the construction site.


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Since 2023, the works, which represent a total investment of 3 million Euros, are completed and is currently producing 3,200 Hl/year. This amount should reach 7000 Hl/year within 3 years. This setting also offers the possibility to students and researchers to take advantage of the sophisticated equipment of the place to carry out their TFE and their research, in particular in psychology, microbiology and around the dependence to alcohol.

A taproom welcomes the public who would like to discover the beers offered and organize private or professional events. Guided tours of the brewery - with or without reservation - and zythology workshops (study of beer making, tasting and culture) are also organized.


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The taproom is open to the public on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays from 17: 00. From May 6, it will be available on Saturdays and guided tours without reservation will be offered on Saturday afternoon.

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