Gembloux Agro-Bio Tech by 2020


he strategic plan "Gembloux Agro-Bio Tech by 2020" aims to provide all the stakeholders of the faculty (the authorities of the University of Liège and its other faculties, students, employers, civil society) with an insight into its vision and values, as well as the priority activities that result from them.
This strategic plan is based on an analysis of the internal and external context and the major societal challenges facing our society both in terms of research and teaching:

  • the demand for sufficient, balanced and quality food;
  • global climate change;
  • the environmental and social consequences of agriculture;
  • an increase in populations living in highly anthropised and urban environments;
  • the need for multifunctional and sustainable management of biodiversity and natural bioresources to promote the development of the bio-economy;
  • expectations of regional economic development based more on intelligence ("the knowledge society") and the creativity of competent entrepreneurs.

In order to strengthen the legitimacy of our training and research and to contribute to positioning ourselves in the European and international arena, Gembloux Agro-Bio Tech's strategic orientations aim to:

  • to promote high-level research and teaching at the heart of current societal transitions by integrating the faculty into national and international networks of excellence;
  • train professionals to a high scientific level and high potential that is recognised internationally;
  • strengthen strong links between research and teaching.


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