Bioscience engineering Bachelor's degree

The first cycle of bioscience engineering studies aims to learn how to conduct scientific reasoning by mastering fundamental knowledge.


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Training objectives

The Bachelor's years are mainly devoted to the study of the basic scientific disciplines required by bioscience engineers: biological sciences, chemical sciences, mathematical sciences, physical sciences, earth sciences and engineering sciences.

The basics of training

In addition to these basic disciplines, the bachelor's degree programme includes courses leading to the specialty disciplines corresponding to one or other of the fields offered as part of the bioscience engineering master's degree. These courses are taught as a common core curriculum for all students to enable them to guide their choice. At the end of the cycle, a minor of 18 credits allows students to specialise for the first time, without this constraining their choice of master's degree.

Psychosocial skills

In addition to mastering scientific and technological content, you will develop psycho-social, managerial and entrepreneurial and communication skills during your studies.

An innovative pedagogical approach

Through innovative pedagogical practices, you will learn to work in multidisciplinary teams. For example, the Current Environmental Issues course allows students to collaborate in small groups on a project under the supervision of a professionally active bioscience engineer who will mentor the group.

Progressive professionalisation

These activities encourage you to be independent and creative.
You will develop an open mind and a critical eye.
You will gradually get to know yourself better and identify your professional objectives.
You will be able to immerse yourself in professional life for the first time during an observation internship.

Bachelor curriculum


The success of the bachelor's degree is confirmed by the bachelor's Degree in Engineering Sciences, bioscience engineering orientation and gives access to one of the four bioscience engineering masters:


Environmental Sciences And Technologies

Forest And Nature Management

Agricultural Sciences

Chemistry And Bioindustries



About twenty other master's programmes are also directly accessible or under specific conditions.

Study information

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