The summer preparatory courses are designed for students who want to get a head start by working through the various upheavals they will face during their transition to university.

Participating in preparatory activities at ULiège 

⇒ in terms of subject content:

  • preparing for subjects such as mathematics, physics, chemistry and biology, by associating them with the bachelor's Block 1 subject: this means reactivating your knowledge of these different contents, depending on the stream you have chosen (for example, in mathematics, the preparatory activities are not the same for future civil engineers as for future doctors)
  • identify and work on any language difficulties (English, Dutch, German... but also Latin and Greek) and become aware of the language requirements of the University, including French... because a good command of French is an undeniable asset!

⇒ work methods:

  • get your bearings, before your time, in the new teaching and learning environment that is the University;
  • receive advice on note-taking, memorizing large amounts of material, building personal work tools, preparing for a university exam... ;
  • become aware of your potential and difficulties, so that you can adapt your working methods to university requirements from the start of the year.

In short, taking part in preparatory activities means preparing for the transition from secondary school to university. It's about giving yourself the means to aim for success at the University of Liège... with a solid foundation!

updated on 9/1/23

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