Your professional project is built throughout your training

Building your professional project means becoming an active participant in your training by choosing a career path that matches your personal project.

A personal project develops over several years!

The construction of your project will lead you to reflect on your training objectives, your ambitions and your future!  

Your project will evolve throughout your training according to your choices of options, course modules, places of internship, mobility opportunities... and will finish by writing and defending your final work.

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To guide and help you to define your career path, Gembloux Agro-Bio Tech offers a project-based learning programme with a set of activities that go beyond the traditional time scales.

The development of soft skills

In addition to mastering scientific and technological content, future bioscience engineers must have psycho-social, managerial and entrepreneurial skills.

Following numerous discussions in consultation with experts from various socio-professional backgrounds, Gembloux Agro-Bio Tech has implemented new pedagogies that respond all the better to societal expectations.

Innovative pedagogical practices, such as the Soft Skills project, aim in particular to learn to work in multidisciplinary teams.

MORE information : the video on softskills (French speaking)

The achievement of two mandatory internships

Being consecteur fronted with professional realities is fundamental to maturing and refining your professional project.

An observation internship in the bachelor’s block 3 programme allows you to discover the professional objectives of your training in a concrete way within a company.

A technical internship of at least eight weeks in a master's degree involves complete immersion in the professional world. It allows you to actively discover a profession, a company and a sector of activity. It is also an opportunity to acquire the necessary steps to find a job.

To prepare for this, you will be supervised by human resources specialists who will help you to get the most out of this internship. You will then analyse your experience with them in order to make the most of this contact with the professional world.

The enhancement of individual or group initiatives, the follow-up of thematic workshops

A pedagogical system called "portfolio", valued in the curricula, makes it possible to refine the construction of professional skills outside the technical subjects of specialisation. These are essentially the psycho-social skills to be reinforced with a view to a future professional project.

You have the choice between two learning modes:

  • participation in a workshop organised within Gembloux Agro-Bio Tech and designed to work on skills such as communication, leadership, entrepreneurship, group management, etc.
  • the realisation of an additional internship or a personal or group project, i.e. learning by doing. In this case, a jury must determine whether the project (or internship) strengthens the skills worked on in the workshops.

The credits allocated to this learning method demonstrate the importance that the faculty places on students' personal initiatives and the development of professional skills.

The choice of specialty courses in bachelor's and master's degrees 

In addition to the basic disciplines in science, the bachelor's degree programme includes courses that lead to the specialty disciplines corresponding to one or other of the fields offered as part of the bioscience engineering masters programmes. These courses, taught as a core curriculum, already guide you in your choice of master's degree. At the end of the bachelor cycle, a minor of 18 credits allows for a first specialisation, without constraining your choice of master’s.

In addition to the choice of the master itself, many projects and optional courses allow you to profile your professional skills according to your personal project.


International mobility

Going abroad for training is an undeniable asset.

In addition to the objectives of life experience and cooperation, mobility allows you to explore specific themes related to your training projects or professional objectives.

Whether as part of a study stay, an internship, a joint-degree or your master thesis, you can benefit from Gembloux Agro-Bio Tech's privileged agreements with some forty international institutions.

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The defence of a master thesis carried out with full autonomy

The second quarter of block 2 of the Master's block is entirely devoted to your master thesis.

It is a personal scientific work on a defined theme that must demonstrate your autonomy as well as your ability to pose and solve a problem of a significant scale. This work may include the development of analytical methods, measurement tools or planning techniques.

It can be carried out in a company, abroad or within the Faculty itself.

The achievement of the master thesis within a company makes it possible to become aware of the constraints of the professional context (time, deadlines, reliability, safety, costs, etc.) and can facilitate the search for a first job.


The " Career Center" platform is a tailor-made space to refine your career plan, prepare for interviews, find the ideal internship or job and thus boost your professional career.

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