Gembloux Agro-Bio Tech has double degree agreements with the French "grandes écoles" AgroParisTech and Institut Agro (Montpellier and Angers), as well as with the Polytechnic University of Madrid .

Students who spend a co-degree period at a partner university obtain two diplomas: the Gembloux Agro-Bio Tech-Université de Liège diploma and the diploma of the partner institution.
Codiplomation agreements
In Paris and Montpellier:
These agreements concern students in the 4 Bioingénieur masters programs.
The programs comprise 180 credits:
  • 60 credits at Gembloux: Master's Block 1
  • 120 credits at Institut Agro Montpellier or AgroParis Tech: the last two years of the engineering cycle
In Madrid:

This codiplomation agreement signed with ETSI Montes (Universidad Politécnica de Madrid I UPM) applies only to students in the bioengineering master's program in Forest and Natural Area Management.

The program comprises 150 ECTS:

  • 60 credits at Gembloux: Block 1 of the Master of Bioengineering in Forestry and Natural Areas
  • 90 credits at Madrid I Máster Universitario en Ingeniería de Montes: 1 year at 60 credits + 30 additional credits in the first four-month period thereafter

The language of instruction is Spanish.

Find out more about Máster Universitario en Ingeniería de Montes

In Angers:
This agreement signed with the Institut Agro de Angers concerns students in the Master in Landscape Architecture program.

The program comprises 180 credits:

  • 60 credits at Gembloux: Block 1 of the Master architecte paysagiste
  • 120 credits at Angers I Ingénieur en paysage: 3 semesters of courses (S7, S8 and S9) plus a 6-month internship and final dissertation.

While the language of instruction is French, English and a third language must be taken in Angers.

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Admission requirements

Deserving students with 240 ECTS (180 ECTS baccalauréat + 60 ECTS master's) can apply for a double degree.
Application procedures are identical to those for students taking a non-degree course.
necessary information and registration form (intranet link - restricted access)
International Relations Office

Student/Trainee from Belgium or EU :
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Student/Trainee from a developing country :
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