Work in concert with the faculty authorities, organise events on campus, participate in civic actions, transmit their motivation, welcome and integrate new Belgian and international students!

Some examples that show that students' investment in their faculty is not a myth!

Visits to the campus, exchanges with future students and welcoming new students

Students participate in information activities on studies organised by the Faculty.

In charge of campus visits during information sessions and open courses, our students share their experiences with future students. Participants have the opportunity to ask all their questions. This is a big plus when it comes to making higher education choices!

Students are also involved in welcoming new students (welcome days, welcome activities, integration, etc.).


Participation in faculty decisions

Students are actively involved in the official bodies of the Faculty (Permanent Teaching Committee, Faculty Council, Management Committee, Appointments Committees for the appointment of new professors, etc.).

The role of student representatives is to ensure that the concerns of all students are heard. They can thus influence certain decisions taken by the faculty authorities.


Organisation of festivities

From the inevitable 6 hours of wheelbarrows to the Faculty Ball, the cabaret, the VE theatre, commission dinners and other thematic evenings... the students of Gembloux Agro-Bio Tech are not to be outdone in offering all-year-round festive activities on campus.


Participation in civic actions

Motivated students, passionate about sustainable development, North-South relations and Agro-ecology, who wish to set up citizen participation projects can benefit from the support of the NGO Eclosio.


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