In cities, soil sealing leads to significant runoff production during heavy rainfall. The damage caused can be significant for infrastructure and people.

jardin de pluie

The Gembloux Agro-Bio Tech rain garden, within the WASABI project, demonstrates the integration of multifunctional hydrological management of an urban site. 


Its continuous monitoring makes it possible to develop urban hydrology projects for both bioengineering students and landscape architects trained within the faculty.

The main site of the rain garden also houses the open-air classroom where life sciences can be taught in the heart of a green setting, as well as various cultural activities dedicated to students, staff and citizens of Gembloux

A rain garden combines different devices for slowing, storing, infiltrating and evaporating rainwater, while offering landscape, leisure and even refuge services for biodiversity

The installation of the rain garden required a detailed analysis of urban hydrology, soil retention and infiltration capacity.


jardin de pluie 2

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