Lonzée: a new visualization tool

The Lonzée station, which has been ICOS certified for more than 2 years now, plays an essential role in scientific research, supplying continuous, high-quality data to studies all over the world. It is now possible to view this data on the ICOS Belgium website at:


A high quality source of information

ICOS-RI (Integrated Carbon Observation System - Research Infrastructure) is a European network of greenhouse gas measuring stations whose objective is the advanced study of the carbon cycle, which is essential for climate change forecasts and the mitigation of its consequences.

Wallonia participates in this project with its three terrestrial observatories in Lonzée, Vielsalm and Dorinne.

These stations are not only a source of standardised and high-quality data, but also offer the possibility for other innovative experiments to be set up and operate in synergy with ICOS.

The visualization tool presented here was developed using the ICOS-compliant setup of the Lonzée station, which allows near real-time access to data from the numerous sensors on site.

The page contains a week's worth of data up to the previous day. It is subdivided into different sections for air and soil weather, carbon and energy flows, as well as a more technical part dedicated to monitoring the status of the sensors. A resource for anyone working in the sector, living in the area or simply interested in having reliable weather data from the past days!

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