The research carried out at Gembloux Agro-Bio Tech is focused on a better control of living organisms for the production of goods and services for humans.

Agro-Bio Tech



hese lines of research allow the researchers of Gembloux Agro-Bio Tech - ULiège to carry out research initiatives and free research in addition to the institutional research themes developed in the TERRA Research Unit.

The projects carried out in these areas of research have the following objectives:

  • The characterization of biological mechanisms with the objective of gaining a better understanding of living organisms;
  • The production of plant, animal and microbial bioresources in a context of sustainability;
  • The modeling and management of industrial processes in the field of sustainable chemistry (green chemistry), agri-food and biotechnology;
  • The characterization of physico-chemical properties and flows in soil-water-plant systems from the plant-soil relationship to landscapes;
  • The characterization of the components of natural and humanizing systems, their evolution and dynamics in relation to global changes, increasing anthropogenic pressures and the ecosystem services they provide.

Its objectives are to improve the quality of life and well-being of human and animal populations, while preserving the environment, to develop multifunctional and participatory management models for poorly humanized ecosystems and to improve knowledge of the biotic and abiotic constraints of highly humanized environments. The research activities carried out within the unit address all the sustainable development objectives defined by the United Nations.

The research axes are:

Biodiversity and landscape

Water, soil and plant exchanges

Biosystems Dynamics and Exchanges (BIODYNE)

Forest Resources Management

Crop production engineering and development

Temperate Phytotechnics

Plant biology

Tropical agro-ecology and horticulture

Plant genetics and breeding

Animal production engineering and nutrition

Animal genetics, genomics and modelling

Animal production and nutrition

Sustainable management of bio-aggressors

Integrated and urban plant pathology

Functional and evolutionary entomology

Modeling and development

Economy and Rural Development

Statistics and Applied Informatics

Chemistry of agro-biosystems

Molecular biophysics at the interfaces

Analytical chemistry

Chemistry of Natural Molecules

Quality and Safety of Agri-food Products

Microbial technologies

Microbial Processes and Interactions Laboratory (MiPI)

Microbiology and Genomics Laboratory

Molecular Biology Laboratory

Smart Technologies for Food and Bio-based Products (SMARTECH)

Food Science and Formulation Laboratory

Gastronomic Sciences Laboratory

Biomass and Green Technologies Laboratory

Vice-Dean for Research and President of the Agro-Bio Tech Research Unit

Pr Frank Delvigne

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