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embloux's Office of Environment and Analysis (BEAGx) is an approved laboratory (approval for the analysis of waste and toxic waste in the Walloon Region (A.E.R.W. 09/07/1987)).

The laboratory has the following quality and accreditation labels :

  • F01-GLP (IHE) Good Laboratory Practices (GLP), since 1996,
  • Physico-chemical tests of formulations and determination of plant protection product residues in de facto association with the Analytical Chemistry Unit and the Faculty's Phytopharmacy Laboratory.

Its fields of activity are:

  • Determination of trace elements in fertilizers and soil amendments,
  • Plant protection products analyses and quantification of their residues in foodstuffs,
  • Product quality criteria control (foodstuffs, water, plants, contaminated soil and soil, waste, organic materials that can be recycled in agriculture, sewage sludge, amendments, fertilisers, incineration ash, digestates and compost...),
  • Quality of sediments in navigable (SPW-DGO2) and non-navigable (SPW-DGO3) waterways monitoring,
  • International inter-laboratory tests particpation (AGLAE, BIPEA...).

Ce laboratoire peut vous aider à résoudre des problèmes…

  • Environmental issues: management of air pollution control networks (plant bio-indicators, atmospheric fallout).
    Partners: The Municipalities of Charleroi, Andenne, Sambreville, Jemeppe-sur-Sambre, Farciennes, Gembloux
  • Analysis of organic and mineral micropollutants in waste, soil, sludge, waterway sediments, landfilling (elution tests DIN 38414-S4 - EN 12457-S2), incineration (bottom ash, fly ash...), agronomic recovery (sludge, compost...).
    Partners: many private and public partners (SPW, FASFC)
  • Product quality control (water, plants, animal feed, foodstuffs): organic micropollutants, PCB's, PAH's, pesticide residues, heavy metals, nitrates…
Gembloux's Office of Environment and Analysis (BEAGx)

Head of department:

Ir. Philippe MAESEN, GLP/GLP General direction
Phone : +32(0)81 62 22 05
Fax : +32(0)81 62 25 11

Radiation protection - SUCPR assistant at the Gembloux site (Waste management - DRX - XRF)

Head of Section:  Organic MicroPollutants

Ir. Stéphanie LORGE, GLP/GLP Study Director
Phone : +32(0)81 62 22 11
Fax : +32(0)81 62 25 11


Carine CAVATORTA, Tina VALASTRO, Michel DETHY, Laurent LESSIRE, Olivier SPRANGERS, Nicolas PARMENTIER, Francesco CUDIN et Pierre HACOURT.

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