Developing excellence in research is one of Gembloux Agro-Bio Tech's priorities.

In order to achieve this, it has divided the skills and disciplines needed to meet the needs of its research partners and innovation challenges into two research units (TERRA and AGRO-BIO TECH), Support Cells for Research and Education (CARE) and various technical platforms.

The University of Liege aims to offer its researchers optimal working conditions and resources that facilitate first-class research. The establishment of Research Units has made it possible to redefine the landscape and to see the emergence of collective research structures capable of competing with the best "centres of excellence" in the world.

Being a researcher today means developing quality research but also achieving international visibility in a highly competitive environment.

It also means acquiring a wide range of scientific, cross-disciplinary and mobilizable skills, both in an academic career and outside the university. Interdisciplinarity and adaptability of skills are
components that must be mastered by tomorrow's leaders.

Therefore, our doctoral students are a top priority for us. The doctorate is research training through doing research. It clearly positions us as a key player in the training of researchers and differentiates us from other higher education and research institutions.

Excellence in research involves the mobilization of significant resources for our researchers.

Our University intends to actively participate in the implementation of a collective strategy to finance its innovation and excellence platforms. Obtaining European funding, professionalizing methods and seeking partnerships of excellence through European and international consortia, for example, are priority objectives.

Excellence in research is also reflected in the institution's demonstrated willingness to share its knowledge and value its innovations in the regional and international landscape.

Our Institution has always been, and intends to remain, a key player in innovation. Our University is setting up institutional centres of excellence whose ambition is to combine the expertise of its researchers and the experience of technological, industrial, private and public players and apply these to structural portfolio projects. This interdisciplinary approach provides significant added value for all the partners concerned and for society itself.

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