I would like to visit the Gembloux Agro-Bio Tech site before making my choice. What are the possibilities?

During the academic year, we organize several information sessions on studies. During these days, you will have an explanation of what bioscience engineering and landscape architecture studies are in the form of presentations. You will also have the opportunity to visit the campus, meet professors, students, the housing department, financial aid, educational support...

dates of the next information sessions

If none of these dates is convenient for you, it is also possible to make an appointment with the Study Information Service on +32(0)81 62 22 65 or by email info.gembloux@uliege.be.

We also offer high school students the opportunity to participate in open classes during the All Saints' Day and Carnival break week. On the program: theoretical courses and discovery of some activities related to the Faculty's fields of expertise.

Dates of the next open course days

How do I register?

To find out about the registration procedures that apply to you:  https://www.enseignement.uliege.be/inscription

All Belgian and European Union students register online. You will find the registration form on the ULiège website via the link above.

Students from outside the European Union must present themselves to the Gembloux Agro-Bio Tech Registration Department with the admission decision (see admission condition).

When can I register?

Bachelor and master registrations generally take place from the end of June to the end of September.

How much does the fee cost?

The full rate is €835, the intermediate rate is €374 and the scholarship rate is €0 (for Belgian, European Union and similar students).

We invite you to contact the Service d’Aide à la Vie étudiante to determine if you can benefit from a reduction in registration fees.

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What are the specific access conditions for a bachelor's degree registration?

There is no limited access to bioscience engineer and landscape architect graduates (no prior selection exam). 

Belgian students must have a CESS secondary diploma.

Students outside Belgium must have an equivalence. The request for equivalence must be submitted to the equivalence office in Brussels before 15 July: www.equivalences.cfwb.be.

documents to be provided at registration

What are the admission requirements for all cycles and courses?

The admission conditions differ according to the student's profile (Belgian, European Union or non-European Union student; enrolment in a bachelor's degree, master's degree, specialisation master's degree, doctorate).

Admission requirements are specified in each course program.

They are also accessible via the training specific pages of the Gembloux Agro-Bio Tech website.

bachelor and master pages

doctoral and specialization pages

Where can I stay if I come to study at Gembloux Agro-Bio Tech?

Two possibilities:

  1. 58 rooms are available on campus (Student Home). These units are allocated on request under certain conditions. Average monthly rent: from 195 to 225 €
  2. There are also many student housing units in the city with private owners (more than 1000 rooms, studios and apartments). Average monthly rent (all charges included) for a room: from €285 (for residents) to €310 (community housing).

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What are the opportunities with a bioscience engineering degree in hand?

There are many opportunities for a bioengineering graduate. A bioengineer can work in the fields of agriculture, agri-food, the environment (water, soil, air, fauna, flora...), bio-industry, chemistry... in the private and public sectors, in design offices, NGOs, research centres, agri-food and pharmaceutical industries, as an independent expert, in ministries, in the Walloon Federation of Agriculture, in the timber sector, in the production and marketing of agricultural equipment or products from agriculture: sugar refinery, brewery, dairy, bio fuel, cosmetics...

testimonies of graduates of Gembloux Agro-Bio Tech

Is it possible to do an internship in a company or to study abroad for a few months?

At Gembloux Agro-Bio Tech, you are required to complete an internship of 8 to 12 weeks during your master's degree. This internship can be carried out abroad as well as the end-of-study work (TFE) carried out at the end of the master's course.

It is also possible to study abroad. Gembloux Agro-Bio tech has about forty partner institutions mainly in Europe (+ Quebec and Brazil).

more about mobility at Gembloux Agro-Bio Tech

Is it possible to take preparatory courses before starting the first year of the baccalaureate?

Yes, courses are organised during the month of August at the University of Liège. They are optional, not free and allow students to discover university teaching methods (syllabus, ex cathedra courses, questions...), review important subject points and associate them with the 1st year baccalaureate subject, familiarize themselves with the rhythm of the days of classes at the university, check their working method and correct it if necessary and become aware of their facilities and difficulties in order to react as well as possible.

The courses offered for future bioengineers are in mathematics, physics, chemistry, French language, working methods and digital information technologies.

Preparatory courses in mathematics are also organised in the first week of September at Gembloux Agro-Bio Tech. Attention: this session is exclusively reserved for students who have taken the 4h (or less) math course in Rhaeto and who have already registered at the Faculty.

Future students of landscape architecture will be able to take courses in working methods, digital information technologies and the French language.

You don't have the opportunity to take these preparatory courses? You will then have the opportunity to test your knowledge during the first two weeks of the course, which is dedicated to welcoming students and reactivating knowledge.

more about the preparatory courses

How to get to Gembloux?

There are many possibilities. Gembloux station is only a few minutes walk from the Faculty. There are also many bus lines and the Faculty has its own free parking for cars, motorcycles and bicycles.

acces plan

Are computers available for students on the Faculty website?

The Faculty's computer room has about a hundred computers. They provide an introduction to the main scientific software, the processing of research results or simply access to the Internet.

If you have a laptop, a wifi network is available to students free of charge.

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Is there a university restaurant?

Yes, this restaurant is open every day from 11:45 to 13:15 except on weekends and public holidays.

more about the university restaurant

In the city, snacks and restaurants offer a wide choice of meals at various prices.

Can we do sports in Gembloux Agro-Bio Tech?

The ASAG, the Agronomic Sports Association of Gembloux, organizes many sporting activities (more than 20 different sports) for students throughout the year. Some examples include: climbing, swimming, zumba, football, badminton, archery, dancing...

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